Partnering with leading incubator DuckDAO to Bring Cash Tech to the masses
The Cash Tech token will list on the biggest decentralized exchange by trading volume
Cash Tech updates token economics with significant burn program scheduled
Storage solution, cross-chain swaps, and merchant gateway upcoming!
100,000 CATE tokens will be allocated monthly to liquidity providers in the CATE-ETH Uniswap Pool
1,000,000 CATE tokens will be rewarded to Cash Tech liquidity providers on a monthly basis - up to 24,000% APY
Sneak peek of new Cash Tech design unveiled
Cash Tech integrates NFT support, enabling users to store and display NFTs from any marketplace
Phenomenal community growth and investment interest as Cash Tech reveals upcoming application
Introducing the star-studded team behind the all-in-one DeFi app
Cash Tech enables users to safely store, easily transact, and display their NFT assets
The Cash Tech community will get access to weekly AMA sessions with CIO Henry