Cash Tech Goes NFT

Cash Tech integrates NFT support, enabling users to store and display NFTs from any marketplace

Interest in NFT is at record highs! Google search volume for the term “NFT” is currently over ten times greater than the peak search volume for the term “DeFi”. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are clearly demonstrating a strong demand and need for NFTs.

The primary imperative of Cash Tech is to cater to the diverse and changing needs of cryptocurrency users. With that goal in mind, we cannot ignore the increasing interest and activity in the NFT marketplace. Cash Tech will make it possible for users to store and display their NFT assets.

As it stands, the NFT market is fragmented with disconnected exchanges facilitating sales and auctions. The Cash Tech executive and development team have carried out lengthy discussions to ensure that it is possible for NFT holders on any of these marketplaces to store and display their assets within the Cash Tech application. 

The development team at Cash Tech has confirmed that it will be possible to integrate these features. Cash Tech users will be able to access sophisticated storage for their NFTs and will also be able to display these assets within the app.

No cryptocurrency application has yet been able to bridge the gap between the worlds of NFTs and DeFi. Cash Tech will be the first to integrate features of both DeFi and NFTs, by enabling users to store and display their NFTs within an application that also encompasses broad DeFi functionality.