Cash Tech Next Steps

Storage solution, cross-chain swaps, and merchant gateway upcoming!

Cash Tech is an application that will encompass all of the most important features of cryptocurrencies. To date, crypto assets have been predominantly used for speculative purposes but Cash Tech will change this by providing diverse functionality within a single application.

Spending with merchants, DeFi applications, and support for multiple blockchains will all be possible within Cash Tech. To ensure robust security, features will undergo a rigorous testing phase and be rolled out one-by-one.

Cash Tech will initially launch its wallet solution in Q2 2021, which will allow users to store several different crypto assets. The wallet will undergo a beta-phase where users can provide feedback to the Cash Tech team who will make any necessary adjustments.

Upon completing the beta-phase, cross-chain swaps will be added to the wallet, enabling Cash Tech users to easily exchange between digital assets within the application. The hassle of sending funds to and from exchanges will be eradicated with the addition of this feature. 

Upon implementation of cross-chain swaps, Cash Tech users will be able to store, send, and swap their assets within the application. Another key feature of the Cash Tech application is the ability to spend assets in the real-world. 

The Cash Tech team has been working relentlessly to onboard a vast merchant network that will allow digital asset holders to spend their cryptocurrencies with their favourite businesses. Support for merchant wallets will launch in Q3 2021 and Cash Tech will have a long list of businesses ready to accept payment from Cash Tech users.

Cash Tech is changing the way that digital asset holders use their cryptocurrencies. There are many exciting months ahead for the Cash Tech community as the application launches and key features get rolled out.