Cash Tech Public Sale Incoming!

Partnering with leading incubator DuckDAO to Bring Cash Tech to the masses

Cash Tech will hold its public sale on the most widely recognized incubator and fundraising platform in the digital asset space. Cash Tech is a comprehensive desktop and mobile application that allows cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets in versatile and unprecedented ways. 

Supporting multiple blockchains, Cash Tech is DeFi as it should be. In addition to the standard features of storing and transferring, Cash Tech allows users to spend their coins in a vast merchant gateway network that spans several continents.

In the ethos of decentralization, Cash Tech is committed to making its public sale accessible to the broadest community of crypto enthusiasts. DuckDAO was the perfect partner to coordinate this. DuckDAO is deeply experienced with facilitating such sales and has worked with countless disruptive crypto projects to ensure seamless fundraising.

In addition to providing a platform to raise funds, DuckDAO also operates a renowned incubator for digital asset startups and has identified some of the most promising crypto projects to take through this program. Cash Tech is a member of this incubator and receives valuable guidance on their strategic direction from DuckDAO and other partners like VYSYN Ventures.

The cryptocurrency market is ripe for a solution like Cash Tech. Crypto asset value has been soaring but digital asset holders still struggle to use their assets in the real world. Cash Tech will provide the infrastructure to solve this. The Cash Tech public sale is a key milestone on this journey and we already have received significant interest. The sale will take place on the 22nd March at 2 pm UTC. A total of $100k in CATE tokens will be allocated to the sale with each token selling for $0.10. Citizens of the United States will not be able to participate in the sale.

Whitelisting for the sale will open on the 14th of March on DuckDao and remain opened until the 20th of March. To whitelist and secure your space in the sale, carry out the following steps:

  • Follow @TechCashDeFi on Twitter

  • Follow @dao_duck on Twitter

  • Like, retweet, and tag two friends in the following post 

  • Join Telegram here

  • KYC process

  • Bronze tier minimum on DuckDAO

Make sure to whitelist early to ensure that you secure your allocation before it’s fully subscribed!