Cash Tech Releases Merchant App Whitepaper

Cash Tech publishes the key specifications of their upcoming retail-to-merchant cryptocurrency payments solution

Cash Tech is releasing the whitepaper for their highly anticipated merchant application. The Cash Tech Merchant application will play a critical role in the Cash Tech ecosystem. It will allow merchants to easily accept and settle payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets. The Cash Tech Merchant whitepaper can be accessed through the link here.

The Cash Tech Merchant application will clearly connect merchants with retail cryptocurrency users that are ready to spend their assets. The Cash Tech Retail application is expected to onboard a significant wave of cryptocurrency users. The versatile functionality of the application and its sublime UI/UX will be attractive to both newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency users alike.

To date, there have been several significant hurdles that have prevented a widespread retail-to-merchant cryptocurrency payments solution from being implemented. Opaque regulatory guidelines, inadequate infrastructure, and high network fees have all acted as barriers to the proliferation of such a solution. The Cash Tech Merchant whitepaper carefully details how Cash Tech intends to address such challenges.

Cash Tech merchants will also have access to a suite of optional features which includes the ability to advertise their business to the right audience. Such optional features will allow businesses to strengthen their business model and compete more intensely in their market. With the launch of the Cash Tech ecosystem quickly approaching, a broad network of merchants is being onboarded. If you’re interested in joining the Cash Tech merchant network, you can contact the team through the link here.