Cash Tech’s Multichain Technology Approaches MVP - Launch Today!

The wallet solution of the modern day cryptocurrency user

Cash Tech launches it’s highly anticipated MVP today. The multi-chain wallet solution is positioning itself to be a leading option for retail investors who wish to easily store and manage assets from multiple blockchains. 

The initial MVP launch will be a beta-release on the ETH-Test-Net (Rinkeby). Please consider that the app is still under development.

Here are the download links:



The Cash Team wishes to collect feedback from all users who test the MVP.

The Cash Tech team will make updates to the wallet codebase on a regular basis. Every two weeks, the most relevant and important will be taken into consideration and implemented into the codebase. Moreover, a full audit of the entire Cash Tech codebase will be ready in roughly 2-3 weeks. The audit will be done by a well known auditor. 

Multi-chain capability is becoming increasingly important in the world of cryptocurrency storage solutions. Early investors in the cryptocurrency market typically invested heavily in only a small number of assets. However, new waves of cryptocurrency investors are showing a greater tendency to invest and diversify in a broad array of assets immediately. 

While single-chain wallet solutions served early cryptocurrency investors well, they fail to cater to the new generation of cryptocurrency investors. Contemporary cryptocurrency users typically seek exposure in a mixture of Bitcoin, altcoins, DeFi, and NFTs. Cash Tech is carefully designed to allow investors to manage their exposure in each of these asset classes. Cash Tech users can safely store and transfer these assets while also being able to access rarely observed features such as NFT storage and display.

Multi-chain wallets are setting up to be the next major trend in the world of cryptocurrency. Cash Tech is positioning itself to be a leader in this field. Venture Capital companies including Andressen Horowitz, HASHED, Galaxy Digital, VYSYN Ventures, and Signal Capital have all invested in the growing multi-chain wallet space. Multichain technology is becoming increasingly important for the modern-day cryptocurrency user, especially as the fields of DeFi and NFTs continue to proliferate and innovate at breakneck speed.

Cash Tech will allow users to easily store and manage assets from multiple blockchains while also tapping into the broader functionality of cryptocurrency technology. Features such as aggregating DeFi services, displaying NFT assets, and storing several cryptocurrency asset types will all be possible within the Cash Tech application. As Cash Tech progresses beyond MVP, it will add even greater functionality. A merchant network will be onboarded, allowing Cash Tech users to spend their crypto assets in thousands of popular businesses. 

As Cash Tech approaches its MVP, it is setting up to be on the frontier of multichain innovation. Few wallet solutions are providing such versatile access to critical cryptocurrency features. Incumbent wallet solutions generally focus on single blockchains and offer limited functionality. Cash Tech has been carefully designed to address the shortcomings of the current wallet solutions. Cash Tech is built to be the wallet solution of the modern day cryptocurrency user.