Fairum Ventures To Host Cash Tech AMA

Learn everything you need to know about Cash Tech!

The community of Cash Tech enthusiasts and advocates has been quickly growing! We’re excited to answer all of the questions our community has about our upcoming application. Everything goes! Tokenomics, team, roadmap… All questions will be answered.

The AMA will be hosted by Fairum Ventures, a versatile blockchain company that is committed to unveiling need-to-know details on the most relevant cryptocurrency projects. Cash Tech was a natural candidate for a Fairum Ventures AMA. Despite extraordinary bullish momentum across the cryptocurrency market, digital asset holders still struggle to use their crypto. 

Cash Tech fixes this by giving digital asset holders an intuitive and easy-to-use application that allows holders to use their crypto in diverse ways. Cash Tech is the next-generation infrastructure of the cryptocurrency industry.

Anybody can participate in the AMA. The event will take place at 5 pm CET on the 8th of March. You simply need to join the Fairum Telegram group to join. The AMA will be coordinated within the group chat.